Trade Receivables Securitisation

Leveraging our Market Leading Platform “AssetWatch”, Assetsecure acts as Program Manager and Back Up Servicer to control and provide comprehensive reporting on trade receivable facilities operated within securitisation structures.

Securitisation is the creation of debt securities from the pooling of trade receivables. Companies and investors use the structure to achieve a number of beneficial outcomes including:

  • Improves balance sheet management including off-balance sheet structures
  • Provides access to diverse sources of funding – multi funder capability

  • Scalable with flexibility
  • Reduces the cost of funds
  • Enhances liquidity
  • A more efficient method of funding

The typical trade receivables securitisation structures involve the use of a
Special Purpose Vehicle (“SPV”):

In its role as Program Manager and Back Up Servicer, Assetsecure provides the following benefits to both investors and client:

  • Provides the reporting framework for the creation of the structure

  • Management of day to day operations and oversight of the SPV
  • Daily reconciliation of receivables movements, including cash
  • Enhances control and mitigates risk environment
  • Automation of a daily borrowing base calculation
  • Fully automated process, minimising administration burden
  • Enhances control and visibility of underlying asset
  • Enhances funding efficiency
  • Step in capability – eg. after amortisation event

Optimising Working Capital and Receivables Management.