Company Seeking to Improve Working Captial
Company Profile

An Australian based company with a large customer base, high transaction volumes and decentralised operations.

Assetsecure facility delivered the following benefits:

  • Improved cash collection cycle with a significant reduction in overdue accounts.
  • Daily working capital reporting customised to assist the CFO drive fundamental performance improvements.
  • Assetsecure delivered a receivables purchase facility as part of a refinancing package alongside the secured lender.

Improved Cash Flow through Automation of Receivables Reporting and Risk Management
Company Profile

A working capital intensive transport & logistics company which had outsourced its accounting function offshore. The company had experienced difficulties in timely reporting and overall management of receivables. The company engaged Assetsecure to provide a funding solution coupled with receivables management.

Assetsecure facility delivered the following benefits:

  • Detailed drilldown reporting on a consolidated basis led to a reduction in headcount for the client.
  • Improved credit and risk management capability as the company was better equipped to target overdue invoices and customers.
  • Improved working capital with the client drawing 85% of receivables daily.

Company Seeking Funding within a Restrictive Global Security Structure
Company Profile

A large multinational manufacturing company with an Australian division funded entirely through offshore debt facilities. Debt subordination requirements precluded local secured financiers which prevented the local division from securing an optimum debt structure.

The company required a local funding solution to overcome foreign currency risks and inefficiency due to withholding tax arrangements. Local Australian banks would not provide an unsecured, non-recourse facility due to company’s volatile credit rating.

Assetsecure facility delivered the following benefits:

  • A funding solution which operated within the subordination restrictions.
  • Local division repaid its loan to the parent company, releasing cash which had been tied up locally.
  • Improved working capital enabled the local division to pursue further market opportunities and optimise tax.

Multi-jurisdictional Company Seeking a Global Receivables Funding and Management Solution
Company Profile

A vertically integrated manufacturer operating in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Canada and the Middle East. The company needed a working capital specialist who could support them across various global jurisdictions.

Assetsecure facility delivered the following benefits:

  • A 3 year receivables management facility across Australia, New Zealand and Canada, with daily receivables analytics and funding in each jurisdiction.
  • Improved credit and risk management with automated daily reporting on overdue accounts down to invoice level.

Company Seeking to Fund an Acquisition and Improve Corporate Debt Structure
Company Profile

A privately owned fuel distributor with an existing invoice discounting facility secured by all the company’s assets. The security structure prevented the company from raising bank debt against its assets. The company had the opportunity to expand its operations and required a new funding structure to achieve this.

Assetsecure facility delivered the following benefits:

  • Assetsecure refinanced the existing invoice discounting facility and sourced a big 4 senior lender to provide term loan facilities to the company.
  • The joint funding package maximized liquidity to complete the acquisition and the business has successfully grown its operations.
  • Debt service under the new funding structure provided the right combination of liquidity and working capital to support growth.